When the East Devon Radio Control Club first discussed with Clinton Devon Estates, (CDE), the contents of a then new licence, one of the stipulations was that Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays had to be “quiet days”, (that Noisy models do not fly after 2pm).

The licence that was presented for signature stipulated that Saturdays and Bank Holiday Mondays were to be the quiet days.  At that time Sunday was the busiest day when most people would turn up to fly there and so without highlighting the discrepancy the licence was duly signed.

Over the years since then Saturday has become the more popular day and members have instructed the committee to investigate the possibility of getting the quiet day reverted to the originally agreed Sunday.

The committee is pleased to announce that this has now been granted by the CDE trustees and so now Sundays are the quiet day and Saturdays can be enjoyed until dusk by those flying I/C and Noisier Electric Powered models.

Very Quiet Electric powered Models only can be flown after 2pm on quiet days and before the site opening time of 10am.


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Felix Marten    ( Chairman;  East Devon Radio Control Club )