EDRCC Dates for 2018 monthly meetings at the Maltsters, Woodbury.

All meetings last Wednesday of the Month 7.30 start

Jan.      31st,        Bring along your Winter projects

Feb.      28th,        —————

Mar      28th,         Balsa Bash.

Apr       25th,        Concourse d Elegance.

Sept.    26th,        General Chit chat, bring along any new models/projects

Oct.      31st,        Skittles and Buffet. Pop along for a game and some free grub.

Nov.     28th,        AGM. Please make every effort to attend

Members will notice that the Concourse event has been moved to April, the Committee decided that as most building takes place over the winter months April is the best time to display your new masterpiece and you don’t have to save it till October or crash it in the meantime 🙂