Hi EDRCC Member

Your Chairman and I have decided that it will be reasonably safe to return to flying on the strip as from Wednesday 13th May.

You all should have received an e-mail from the BMFA with guidance for safe flying, please abide by the recommendations.

Remember the club rule of at least two persons must be present at any flying session, you can take a relative with you when no members are able to attend.

Please remember that currently only Two persons allowed at any time as stated in lockdown rules, so please use the clubs Telegram account to communicate visits.

Please be wary of members of the public and be diplomatic if challenged.

Keep to the 2m rule in the pits and on the flight line, use gloves and a face mask, don’t touch fellow members kit, make sure you sanitize.

Some members have told me that they won’t fly until things get much better as they are very vulnerable and you may feel that is what you want to do too.

Mike Jones, Secretary EDRCC.